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"Big Sur"


Caskett’s Swingsets..


Favorite Castle episodes; 3.22 To Love and Die in L.A.

Castle season 6 episode 20 promo “That 70’s Show” Sneak Peek #2 (x)

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This scene is so beautiful and sad.

Castle is there with them. He is there because he is part of the family. They discovered the truth but as a family they know that Roy deserve to be remembered as a hero.

And Castle is with them. For the good and the bad.



"The next thing that happens after Lauren’s accusation is Amy pulling Karma towards her and kissing her. And after the kiss, it’s clear to the audience that Amy is not mocking the gay experience at all—she is outright living it. The desperate, startled look in her eyes captures that earth-shattering moment, which many gay people have experienced, of realizing you’re falling for your same-gender best friend."

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He said something about hell raining down on me. Never imagined hell would look like you.

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Holding hands - 3x06 // 4x07 // 4x13 // 4x17 // 5x03 (requested by extraordinarypartners)