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"I think there’s an incredible sexual tension. I think that’s what you guys like and I like to watch". - Jon Huertas about Castle and Beckett, San Diego Comic Con, 2010.

(Because Stana and Nathan’s reactions are priceless)

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Most aesthetic scene in an episode —> Always,Castle

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Castle Rewatch: The Double Down


Interviewer: “In 2014 you won in PCA the Best TV Dramatic Actress. How do you feel about that?”

Stana: “It was amazing! It was crazy!I can’t believe it. I was honored, I didn’t know that…you know…I was grateful that people like with I’m doing so…sweet, you know, blown away. Still…yeah”


Molly Quinn Talks “Castle” Season 7 & “Thrilling Adventure Hour” at Comic-Con - TVLine

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❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ 9 MONDAYS TO GO



Interviewer: How do you feel knowing that you’re the inspiration for a character like Kate Beckett? She’s a strong woman, working in a men’s job that has made her way in that world. What was your reaction when Andrew told you about creating a show like Castle?

Terri: Super flattered. I love the way I look through Andrew’s eyes. I am honored that he considers me his muse, AND, he is mine. When I read his pilot for Castle, I was blown away, and the most romantic part is, when the pilot got picked up, he told me he wanted us to make the show together. He says I bring the “sparks.” (x)

Andrew: It’s a tough scene (the interrogation room in 1x01 btwn Kate & Rick), because we’ re trying to establish both characters. We’re also trying to establish an element of antagonism, and sparks here. - Andrew Marlowe 1x01 Castle commentary

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Castle Season 5 Bloopers

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